GUNS Magazine Combat 2013 Special Edition

Time For Guns, Gear and Fitness Evaluation.
With the GUNS Magazine Combat Winter Spring 2013 Special Edition

2013 Combat

One of the best ways to prevail in a combat situation is to have the appropriate gear and know how to use it. Firearms, knives and equipment are a big part of combat and much of Combat Special Edition is dedicated to them.
Here’s what’s included in this GIANT 212 page edition:

Barrett .50 BMGs: 30 Years Of Awesome Firepower.

Rifle Dynamics Saiga S12: 12-Gauge Reaper.

Rock River LAR-8: A Rifle For Many Roles.

Masterpiece Arms MPA57SST Pistol: Reviving The Mac-10.

Martial Fitness: It’s Up To You!

PWS Long-Stroke Piston Driven AR Tandem: MK107 Diablo & MK112.

Serious Steel!: Latest Trends In Tactical Knives And Tools.

SIG556 SWAT Patrol: Viable Option To The AR And AK.

Body Armor Today: A Lot Of Bang For The Buck.

A Cache of Kimbers: .38 Super, 9mm, .45 ACP & 10mm.

Under Armor: Battle-Ready Gear.

Accuracy International: AE MkIII Rifle.

Weatherby, Leupold & Black Hills: Legitimate Long-Range Combination.

Also includes: New Products You Must Have! Website Showcase; Buyer’s Guide 2013: Catalog Of Guns, Knives, Lasers, Lights And More!

Price: from $9.95
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