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Thunder Ranch Nine Pack

Eight Thunder Ranch Courses For Only $200

Get a eight-pack Thunder Ranch training video collection that includes eight courses and 16 individual DVDs.

Firearms training expert Clint Smith has tutored thousands of students at his legendary Thunder Ranch training facility. Now you can enjoy the best of Clint’s unique teaching style through these DVD courses — all from the comfort of your couch! This nine course, 16 disk set, filmed at Thunder Ranch in Oregon, is packed full of tips, techniques and Clint’s personal observations about the tactics and gear that work best.

What you’ll get from these Thunder Ranch Training Courses:

* Mental Preparation and Logic Lecture. * Proper Technique and Application. * Loading, Unloading and Malfunction Clearance. * Carry and Draw Demonstration * Range Drills, Demonstration and More!

This price includes these Thunder Ranch Training courses:

– Concealed Carry Options

– Concealed Carry For Ladies

– Defensive Thinking DVD Course BEST SELLER!

– Defensive Revolver DVD Course

– Defensive Shotgun DVD Course

– Defensive Firearms DVD Course

– Defensive Handgun DVD Course

– Defensive Tactics DVD Course — SOLD OUT!

– Urban Rifle DVD Course

Price: from $439.55$200.00
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