GUNS Extreme Personal Defense 2016 PDF

“No measure of defense is too extreme when personal or family safety is at risk.”
~Roy Huntington, Publisher
The NEW 2016 GUNS Magazine EXTREME Personal Defense Special Edition presents reliable defensive solutions.

You’ve undoubtedly seen a news item today causing you to consider, “what if?”

Being prepared for assault, home invasion or the aftermath of nature’s worst, is a priority fueled by current events.
A rapidly growing number of concerned citizens are deciding to make personal defense, personal.

Here’s just a sample of personal defense content inside this EXTREME Special Edition:

x Col. Cooper’s 1911’s – Robar’s serious pistol designed 100 percent for personal defense.
x CZ Scorpion Evo3 – this 9mm can present a stinging surprise when needed most.
x Mossberg Blaze 47 – an economical AK-style training rifle.
x In Praise Of Small Guns – Something small beats nothing at all.
NEMO_150x The Final Say – Nemos’ ultimate fight stopper in .300 Win Mag.
x BLACKHAWK! Diversion Bag – a rolling armory for defensive mobility.
x Choosing A Knife For Personal Defense.
x Barrett 98B – .300 Win Mag for extreme defense.
x 10 Things Gun Owners Can Do Right – Critical steps towards handgun efficiency.
x Fundamentals Still Rule – grip, stance, sight picture, and trigger squeeze are just the beginning.Fund1_150
x Tactical Travel Tips – Don’t be a volunteer victim on the road.
x Personal Defense or Competition? – Colt’s improved series 70 Gold Cup ready to roll.
x The Women’s Defensive Handgun – It’s not for you – It’s for her.
x PLUS Buyer’s Guide to personal defense guns, equipment and Much MORE!

Do you have the right personal defense solutions?
Now’s the time to find out!

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