GUNS Magazine 2016 Special Edition PDF

Handguns, rifles and more are just part of what makes this GIANT edition of GUNS Magazine special. Plan to get your money’s worth many times over as you peruse 180 pages of guns, gear and shooting information you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s a look inside this annual super-sized issue:

Leaner, Meaner GLOCK — a look at the G43 which may may be the “perfect carry 9mm.”

The Ultimate Brush Gun – Taylor’s & Company Ridge Runner takedown 1886.Mouse_Guns

Mouse Gun Magic – Even if it’s less than mighty, a gun in hand beats one at home.

Ruger’s .22 Single Actions – Chronicling a classic concept.

The Hunting Handgun – Picking the right tool for the job.

GN16_DDDaniel Defense .300 Blk Ar Pistol – Not your typical defensive handgun.

Cutting Edge – Shredding The Traditional Concept Of Hollowpoints.

Round Gun In A Square Gun World – There’s a place for revolvers in the age of the autopistol.

Sub-Caliber Sting! – Ruger’s 77/17 Hornet.

GN16_sxsRetro Cool – Getting it done with a vintage gun.

And The Hits Just Keep On Comin’ – 2,100 rounds with Robar’s QR-2 .308.GN16_SW460

Smith & Wesson’s “Snubbie On Steroids” – The .460 S&W Magnum X-Frame is a “Packable Powerhouse.”

Short-Action Perfection – T/C’s Venture Compact’s accuracy is not an afterthought.

Kitup – Cool New Gear.

GN16_xdGun Giveaway – Win the Colt Magpul Slimline & More!

New Product Spotlight – Hot New Products You Must Have!

Buyer’s Guide 2016 – Catalog of guns, knives, lasers and lights.

Make sure this GIANT GUNS Magazine 2016 Special Edition is in your arsenal.

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