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GN0816_250Highlights of the August 2016 issue of GUNS Magazine include:

COVER STORY: THE 1-GUN SOLUTION: The Daniel Defense DD5V1 Provides .308 Insurance For Perilous Times.

BIGGER, BADDER, BEST?: Better Bullets, Better Shot And Better Shooting All Trump Raw Power In The Gamefields.

special_200THE MOST “SPECIAL” K: Smith & Wesson’s Marvelous Middleweight Is The Undisputed Champ Of DA Revolvers.

NEW AGE “9”: The Walther PPS M2 9mm Is About To Become More Popular In The New “Americanized” Version.

pair_200A PAIR WITH A KICKER: Rock Island’s New 1911 Pistol And M22 BA Rifle Both Handle The Hot .22 TCM And The 1911 Handles 9mm, Too.

PLUS: reader favorite columns for Dave Anderson, John Connor, Massad Ayoob, John Taffin, Holt Bodinson and Mike “Duke” Venturino.

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