GUNS Magazine March 2017 Single Issue


Highlights of the March 2017 issue of GUNS Magazine include:

springfield_storeCOVER STORY: THE SPRINGFIELD ARMORY SAINT: Canonizing A Classic.

BIG-BORE BREAKOUT: For Those Who Love Carry Revolvers, Ruger’s GP100 .44 Special Provides A Packable Power Upgrade.


GOLD STANDARD: Colt Revives The Gold Cup National Match .45 ACP.

GUNS OF THE RISING SUN: A Survey Of Imperial Japan’s World War II Small Arms.

rought_storeROUGH-COUNTRY RIFLE: Kimber’s New Hunter Shows Its Stuff On A Red Stag Hunt In New Zealand.

PLUS: reader favorite columns for Dave Anderson, John Connor, Massad Ayoob, John Taffin, Holt Bodinson and Mike “Duke” Venturino.

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