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Inside The GUNS Magazine Surplus, Vintage & Classic 2013 Special Edition Annual Summer/Fall:

THE AMERICAN EXCALIBUR: Jim Bowie’s Lethal Legacy.

CAPLOCK REVOLVERS: Now In The Third Millennium.

GUNS OF THE LATE UNPLEASANTNESS: Arms Of The Cavalry And Artillery.

CIMARRON CARTRIDGE CONVERSIONS: Replicas, Better Than The Originals.

THE REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK: The Other American Buffalo Rifle.

WINNERS OR LOSERS?: It’s 1880. Which Repeating Rifle Would Be Buy?

AUTO RETRO: USFA Steps Into The 20th Century.


ITALY’S MANNLICHER-CARCANO: A Good Rifle With A Bad Reputation.

THE 1905 COLT .45 ACP: This Dead End Begat A Legend.

A “SPECIAL” BIRTHDAY!: The .44 Special Turns 100.

ITALIAN SHOULDER ARMS OF WWII: The Italians Turn Desperate.

WWI CLASSIC RETURNS: Smith & Wesson Model 1917 .45 ACP.

FEEDING OLD MILITARY RIFLES: Get Them Shooting – Accurately.

CONFESSIONS OF A CAST BULLET NERD! Don’t Bother Me – I’m Pouring Lead.

DEATH FROM AFAR: World War II Sniper Rifles In Europe.

Plus much more: 180 Pages Surplus, Vintage & Classic Gun Articles. Includes New Products You Must Have! Gun Giveaway; GUNS Surplus 2013 Resource Guide.

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