Personal Defense 2017 Special Edition

A Delicate Balance

Even though the title of this Special Edition refers unambiguously to the subject of personal defense, there’s more to the subject than specific gun types, models, and calibers. After all, we’ve always been more about the “how to” rather than the “what’s new.”

The 2017 Personal Defense issue is more of a reference source than a catalog. You’ll discover helpful resources you can put to use right away.

Here’s what’s inside this GIANT 180 page issue:

Doomsday Defense — Rock RIver’s .300 AAC LAR PDS proves there’s no such thing as too much handgun!

PD17_13_55 Tips To Better Shooting — Hitting with a handgun is simple in theory. In practice? Not so much …

Let’s Cut To The Chase — Here’s what you need to know about blade style and grind.

PD17_10_4Revolver Rasslin’ 101 — Running a wheelgun the right way.

Snubbie Classics — S&W Chiefs special.

Snubbie Classics — Colt’s Detective Special.

Carry Rigs That Work — Don’t agonize over the “right gun” just to grab the first holster you see.

Truly Tiny Handguns — Effective protection or wasted weight?

.22 Caliber Cross-Training — Pistol skills can be learned easier and cheaper on a rimfire regimen.

Bullet Points! — When it comes to defensive handgun ammo, is the JHP still the be-all, end-all?

Reliable, Powerful, Discreet — Kimber’s TLE II RL (TFS) 1911: power personified!

Holster History — A handgun is only half of the personal defense equation. The other half? What it’s packed in, of course!

The Home-Carry Handgun — It’s the logical counter to the increasing possibility of home invasion.

PD17_4_3Low-Ready Is Ready — When challenging a suspect, muzzledown is no handicap.

Close! Dark! Fast! — These are the key words to keep in mind when training for a violent encounter.

The Ayoob Files — Lessons from attorney Mitch Vilos.


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