2004 Digital Edition CD ROM Set


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Look What’s Inside:

January Cover Story: RUGER’S P-SERIERS AUTO — Are These America’s Best-Buy Autopistols?

February Cover Story: THE HI-POWER TODAY — A Production Life Of 68 Years Proves Its Merit.

March Cover Story: WEATHERBY VANGUARD — Outstanding Value And “Guaranteed” Accuracy.

April Cover Story: S&W 99 COMPACT — Pocket-Sized Version Of A Very Good Pistol.

May Cover Story: SPRINGFIELD’S NOVEL 9MM — There’s A Lot To Like In This Soft-Shooting Compact.

June Cover Story: WILSON TACTICAL CARBINE — Wilson Combat Crafts More Than .45s.

July Cover Story: WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING — Nostalgic Good Looks And Race-Ready Performance.

August Cover Story: STORM WARNING — Beretta’s New Carbine Shows 21st Century Style.

September Cover Story: CZECH OUT THE CZ’S RAMI .40 — This Palm-Sized “Wunder-Gun” Shows CZ75 Heritage.

October Cover Story: ROCK RIVER — Feds Score New “DEA” AR-15.

November Cover Story: TAURUS 24/7 — The Brazilian-Made Polymer-Framed Pistol Lives Up To Its Name.

December Cover Story: WALTHER G-22 BULLUP — An Accurate, Fun Little Semiauto .22 LR For Those Bored By Wood And Bolts.

Get all Six 2004 Issues Of American Handgunner On One CD-Rom!

Look What’s Inside:

January/February Cover Story: CZ P-01: THE LEGEND LIVES — CZ’s New Cop-Pistol Is Living Proof The “Wunder-Nine” Still Rocks

March/April Cover Story: GAS-GUN EXTRADORDINAIRE — Pistolsmith Fred Craig: Metalsmith Magician Shows His Stuff With His Hand-Built Wonder-Gun.

May/June Cover Story: THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTELMAN — This Engraved 1911 Beauty Beliefs Its Fighting Heritage.

July/August Cover Story: THE .72 MAGNUM — EAA’s Bounty Hunter Morphs Into A Monster Handgun!

September/October Cover Story: THE PROFESSIONAL’S PISTOLS — Rohrbaugh: 9mm Pocket Power For Real.

November/December Cover Story: RESURRECTION — Thunder Ranch And S&W Conspire On This Very Special .44 Special.
This Digital Edition set of American Handgunner and GUNS Magazine, includes all 18 regular issues from 2004. BONUS: you also get the 2004 American Handgunner Annual, 2004 American Handgunner Tactical Annual, 2004 GUNS Magazine Annual and GUNS Magazine Combat Annual, Guns Catalog and Article Index.

Each magazine will be on a separate CD.