GUNS Magazine June 2001 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: THE LES BAER SUPER VARMINT — A Top-Grade, Heavy-Barreled AR-15 Guaranteed To Shoot 1/2 MOA Or Better.

THE TACTICAL M1 CARBINE: — The Versatile M1 Is A Vintage Alternative To High-Tech, High-Priced Guns.

THE FACTS ABOUT SCOPES BASE SCREWS — The Old Standard 6-48 May Not Be Good Enough Any More. Find Out Why.

MEASURING PRESSURE ON YOUR PC — New Software Lets You Push The Limits Without Endangering Yourself Or Your Guns.

TURKEY CHOKES FOR TIGHT COLUMNS — New Technology Takes The Sting Out Of Heavy Loads And Puts More Shot On Target.

.450 MARLIN: A MAGNUM IN DISGUISE — Handloaders Can Now Combine Western Nostalgia With 21st Century Performance.

A HANDLOADER’S LOOK AT THE ETRONX — An Inside Look At This Cartridge Reveals A New Frontier Of Accuracy Potential.

HANDLOADING WITH UNIQUE — Learn Why This Mild, Versatile Powder Has Been A Handgun Favorite For 100 Years.

HUNTING WITH THE .300 WSM — A Radical New Cartridge For Hunters Who Want Compact Rifles With Magnum Power And Range.

THE .22 WMR TODAY — This Sometimes-Ignored, Often-Mistunderstood Cartridge Comes Into Its Own.

GUN CLEANING 101 — Proper Cleaning And Maintenance Can Help Your Guns Stand Up To A Lifetime Of Recreational Shooting.

HANDGUNS — Speaking Of Guns.

RIFLEMAN — Give Me A Ring.

QUARTERMASTER — Bianchi Cobra System.

QUARTERMASTER — Emerson Knives’ CQC7.


HANDLOADER — You Can Learn A Lot From A Primer.

SHOTGUNNER — Put A Lever On Your Shotgun.

GUNS INSIDER — From The Top Secret Files.


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