2019 Surplus Vintage & Classic Firearms Special Edition PDF




There are plenty of surprises waiting for you in the 2019 Surplus special edition from GUNS Magazine.
Here’s what’s inside the GIANT 148 page issue:

ITALY’S BM59, REBORNJames River Armory Delivers A Storied 7.62 NATO Battle Rifle For Today’s Shooters.

STAR’S TRIUMPHANT TRIOThe PD .45, BM 9mm And Model D .380 Are Mas Que Excelente!

THE WOREST LMG EVER!Reconsidering The French Chauchat.

A NAZI GARAND?Understanding The German G43.

REBUILDING A PARABELLUMRestoring A Classic Swiss Luger 7.65mm — The Right Way.

PYRITE PYROTECHNICSThe 16th Century Wheellock — The Grandaddy Of All Handguns.

AIRBORNE WARRIORThe M1A1 Paratrooper Carbine.

ONCE UPON A TIMEIn A Not-So-Distant-Future, Duke Explains Some Things.

ARMS OF THE FREE WORLDCMP M1911A1s And Garands You Can Own!

A JAPITALIAN WHAT?The Odd Italian Type I Arisaka.



A TALE OF THREE .30sUntangling Our Military Triad From The Early 1900s.

SHOOTING FOR THE MOONThe Ins And Outs Of Wheelgun Clips And Rims.

A CQB RARITY REVISITEDThe Inland M37 Trench Gun.

ELEY: STILL THE BESTNearly Two Centuries Old, This U.K. Ammo Firm Still Brings Match-Winning Accuracy!

SENSIBLE HEAVY-BULLET SIXGUNS LOADSHandloading Heavy Bullets For Your Wheelgun.

SWEAT-EQUITY STENBuild Britain’s Classic WWII SMG With An Indianapolis Ordnance Kit.

PISTOL-CALIBER CARBINESShort, Fast And Sweet — Don’t Let Their Pistol Power Fool You!

LAST-DITCH DEFENSEGerman Late-Production Pistols Of World War II.

BACK TO THE BEGINNINGBrownell’s Retro BRN-10 7.62mm Recreates A Revolutionary Combat Classic!

MARTIAL METALLIC CARTRIDGE PISTOLSA History Of America’s Revered Combat Pistols.

THE ODD COUPLETips for handloading these “obsolete” but still-great calibers.

“OFF THE BOOKS’ GUNSThe Reality Of War Zone Pick-Ups, From Someone Really There!

HOMEMADE HANDGUNSBreaking Down The Lyman Great Plains Pistol Kit.

HANDMADE MAKAROVSIn-Depth Look At “Khyber Pass” Craft-Production Pistols.

ALMOST RIGHT“Duke’s” Take On The Enfield No2 MK 1 .38.

M14 ON PATROLClassic U.S. Military Rifle Enforcing The Law, Stateside!


A FAUX DRAGUNOVMaking An SVD Clone With Molot’s Vepr Rifle.

THE .44 “LIPFIRE” REVOLVERA Look At Allan & Wheelock’s Unique Take On The Rimfire.

TYLER GUN WORKSEye-Catching Runs And Custom Work.

NAPOLEONIC-ERA OFFICER’S RIFLEFound! A Sensational Baker Carbine.

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