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Concealed Carry Puts Safety First!

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This Special Edition will be your go-to source for all-things concerning carry options, gun selection, ammo advice, training, DVD ideas, online resources, insight from our experts on home defense and much more — all in one place.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

ccw1CCW All Stars Five “Best-Buy” Defensive Handguns From Rock Island/Armscor.

Invisible Edges Ten Concealed Carry Knives — That Won’t Give You Away.

The View From The Chair Personal Protection On Wheels.

Common Sense Personal Defense Home-Defense, Guns, Ammo, Training, Tactics, Mindset.

ccw5Kahr’s CM9 Compact And Powerful — A Near-Perfect Concealed Carry Pistol.

Pistol-Packin’ Primer A Beginner’s Guide To Defensive Firearms.

The Draw Stroke Presentation Is Everything.

ccw2Why Not Pack A Pair? Applying This Classic Carry Mode In The Real World.

Carry Options Left Side, Right Side, Upside, Downside — Making Your Holster Decision.

Active Shooter! How Do You Respond?

Staying Alive Tips & Tricks On: Moving, Communicating, Finding Cover, Shooting — If Necessary.

ccw3Shockingly Carryable The Taser Pulse And Kimber PepperBlaster.

New Products Hot New Products You Must Have!

Open Range

Gun Giveaway Win Heckler & Koch’s VP40 Pistol And More!

Buyer’s Guide 2016 Catalog Of Guns, Knives, Lasers And Lights.

FMG Special Editions cover a broad scope of topics and will provide you with what you need to know to keep your loved ones safe.

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