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Do You Know What You NEED To Know?

Once you make the decision to carry a concealed gun, what to buy and how to prepare can present a daunting array of options. The American Handgunner Concealed Carry Special Edition can help make your choices easier. Here’s your go-to source for all-things concerning carry options, gun selection, ammo advice, training, DVD ideas, online resources, insight from our experts on home defense and much more — all in one place.

Here’s what’s inside the GIANT 148 page issue:

COVER FEATURE: VENOMOUS 9MM: TMT’S CUSTOM MC1SC — A Modern “ASP: Kicker — Complete With Grip Cutaway!

THE SHIELD GOES PC — Smith & Wessson’s Performance Center M2.0 .45

KIMBER 9MM EVO SP (CS) — Kimber’s ‘Ultimate’ CCW Pistol.

HOLSTERS, SHUCKS AND GUN BUCKETS — Some Of Today’s Top Holsters For CCW.

REDEFINING THE RULES — Springfield’s Hellcat Seemingly Bends The Laws Of Physics.

A REAL STEAL — Taurus 856 Proves Protection Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive.

SETTING YOUR SIGHTS — Enhanced Pistol Sights For CCS And Self-Defense.

ASP — A Modified M-39.

FANTASTIC BEASTS — Rino Chiappa And His Revolutionary Rhino Revolver.

YOUR FIRST TIME — A Beginner’s Guide To Everyday CCW.

MORE THAN EQUAL — Women’s Concealed Carry Course.

THE SCCY CPX-3 .380 — Top Quality — Affordable Pricing.

RUGER’S TIME MACHINE — This Retro-Modern Blued Steel SP101 Still Rocks.

A BOND FOR A SONG — The New Roughneck & Rough N Rowdy.

NAROH ARMS — A New Sub-Compact 9mm Delivering Outsized Performance.

WHAT’S A FITZ SPECIAL? — Yesterday’s Cutting-Edge Gun Designs Of Tomorrow.

STOEGER’S STR-9 — Back In The Handgun-Saddle Again!

BIG BORE SNOBBERY — Charter Arms Bulldog XL In .45 Colt.

EDC MICRO-CARRY — An NAA .22 Mag. Anchors Mike’s Deep-Cover Carry Rig!

THE FINER THINGS — Remington’s Refined RM380 Executive.

A MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMP— FN’S 509 MIDSIZE — Everything Great About The Model 509 — Shrunk Down!

HONED REFLEXES — Top Red Dots For CCW Handguns.

PERFECTING PERFECTION? — A Lone Wolf-Customized Glock 19 Streamlined For CCW.

BELLY GUNS — Get Into Action Fast At Toe-Touching Distances!

HOTTEST HI-TECH ROUNDS — We Put Five Next-Gen Handgun Loads To The Test!

NEW PRODUCTS — Hot New Products For Concealed Carry Fans!

BUYER’S GUIDE 2020 — Catalog Of Guns, Knives, Laser And Lights.

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