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This DIY GUNS Special Edition is for all gun enthusiasts who want to tackle taking care of their own guns but thought it was beyond their reach.

You will learn the ins and outs of repairing, maintaining and building everything from GLOCKs to flintlocks. The GIANT edition will cover all the tips and tools needed along with in-depth articles explaining how to do such things as stipple a grip frame, cold blue steel and build a blackpowder gun from a kit, as well as advice from some of today’s top gunsmiths.

Here’s what’s inside the GIANT 140 page issue:

COMING TO GRIPSHow To Stipple Your Polymer-Framed Pistol

SEND IN THE CLONES Ready To Take The ’80 Perfect’ Challenges?

BUILDING YOUR OWN FLINTLOCK From Start To Finish With A Traditions Muzzleloader Kit.

THE LEE LOADER Read This And Learn How To Reload.

A NEW SPIN Rejuvenating An Old S&W Wheelgun With Easy-To-Use Cold Bluing.

HI POWER HIJINKS Taking A Classic Pistol And Making It A CCW Powerhouse!

GETTING YOUR GUN STONED?The Ins And Outs Of Gun-Honing Stones.

BASIC GUNSMITHING Bunged-Up Screw Heads.

DOING IT OLD SCHOOL Recreating A 1912-ear .45 With Hand Tools.



BASIC GUNSMITHING: Checking-In On Checkering

HOWDA’ BUILD A HOWDAH Building Pedersoli’s Twin-Barrled 20-Gauge Handgun.

ALL TOOLED UPReal Avid’s 1911 Tools Ensure You Keep Your Gun Up And Running!

THE DIY SOURCE Brownells — Supporting Gun Enthusiasts Since 1939!

AMOS OVERCHARGES Grundy’s Gunsmithing.

THE IMPOSSIBLE 1911 One Of The Most Beautiful And Bizarre Handmade Guns Ever.

A MASTER’S BLASTERA Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Building Of A Very Special Gemini Customs Ruger.

THROAT-CHOKE IS NO JOKE Learn About This Important Revolver Skill.

SO YOU WANNA GO PRO… A Legendary Gunsmith’s Advice For Aspiring Artisans.

BACK TO THE BEGINNINGBUILD YOUR OWN! Building A Black Powder 1851 Colt Navy Replica Revolver From A Kit.

DIGITAL DIY GUIDESPanteao Productions Delivers Top Experts Right To Your Screen.

TUNE THAT EXTRACTORMaximizing Extraction In Your 1911.

EXTRACTING FIRED CASESEasy And Fun Model 94 Mods You Can Do.

FRONT SIGHT MAGIC?Replacing The Goop.

RESURRECTING THE DEADBringing An 18th Century Brown Bess Musket Back To Life.


CUT’ER DOWN Easy And Fun Model 94 Mods You Can Do.

HANDY DIY GEARGreat Additions For Your Personal Workshop.

A D-DAY HERO REBORNHow To Home-Build A Classic M1 Carbine.

LITTLE ‘J”EMSGrips & Chamfers.

BREAKING BAD?“Un-Break” That Stock With Acraglas!


STAND AND DELIVERThe Present Arms 1911 Armorer’s Plate Kit

KINDA BLUELearn How To Get That Beautiful Nitre Blue Finish

The DIY 2019 special edition includes everything listed above PLUS, New Product Spotlight And Custom Gunsmith Directory.

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