American Handgunner Sept/Oct 2010 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

Add this issue to the library of your favorite mobile device to read on the go. No Internet connection required to view this portable version of American Handgunner.

COVER STORY: SIG SAUER’S P226/229E2 — Slimmer, Timmer And Better Than Ever!

BUCK AND BALL — .45 Colt Loads: Two Or Three Hits With One Shot? How’s That Again?

STI’S DO-ALL DUO — The Sentinel Premier .45 ACP Duo.

HIGH-TECH FOR HARD — AND HAPPY — TIMES — Gadgets, Gizmos And Wonder-Widgets.

THIS BUCK NEVER STOPS — Family-Owned Makes The Difference — Buck Knives.

HANDY HANDGUNNER STUFF — Bits And Bangles For We Handgunner Heroes!

GOT PARTS? — Tips On Creating A Take-Along Spare Parts Kit.

RUGER’S SR9C — A Compact, Mid-Frame Carry Pistol That Works.

ALMOSTS: THE SARDIUS SD9 — Pocket Pistol Perfection — 20 Years Ago!

THE AYOOB FILES — Long Shot: The Mac Scott Incident.

PISTOLSMITHING –Ground-Breaking Tripp K-1 Sight.

HANDLOADING — Trial Bossin’ The Really Big Bores.


SHOOTING IRON — The Gun ‘Riter’s Burden

WINNING EDGE — Showing The Way.

REALITY CHECK — Practice Odd Stuff.

HANDGUN HUNTING — Would I Go Back To Mongolia?

TAFFIN TESTS — Long Range Rugers.

BETTER SHOOTING — Tackling Timers.

CARRY OPTIONS — Leather Vs. Plastic.

THE SIXGUNNER — Colt’s Legendary Gun – Guy.

COP TALK — A Gun Light Plus-Factor.

GUNNYSACK — Browning Hi-Power LED Light.

GUNNYSACK — Darrel Ralph Designs.

GUNNYSACK — Hyskore Pistol Rest.

GUNNYSACK — Pewter 1911 Grips.

THE INSIDER — Sight Sense?


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