GUNS Magazine 2016 Digital Edition CD-Rom




Get All 12 Issues Of GUNS Magazine 2016 On One CD-Rom

Look What’s Inside:

January Cover Story: BACK TO FIGHTING WEIGHT — Robar Exorcises The AR’s Weight-Creep Demon.

February Cover Story: MAGNUM CARRY — The Coonan .357 Magnum Compact Delivers Blistering Performance In A Concealable Package.

March Cover Story: BIG BAD BIRD! — This Is No Piper Club Pocket Pistol! The Desert Eagle .50AE Is The A-10 Warthog Of Semi-Autos.

April Cover Story: WALTHER BIG-BORE PPQ — One Of Walther’s Hottest 9mm’s Is Now Chambered In .45 ACP.

May Cover Story: 9’S ON A ROLL — S&W’S Ported Power Pairs.

June Cover Story: BRAVO FOR THIS AR — The BCM RECCE Keymod 18 Has Downrange Capabilities To Burn.

July Cover Story: SIG’S PERFECT PACKIN’ 10 — Ideal For The Great Outdoors, The P220 Hunter Rivals Many Sixguns In Terms Of Power And Portability.

August Cover Story: THE 1-GUN SOLUTION — The Daniel Defense DD5V1 Provides .308 Insurance For Perilous Times.

September Cover Story: THE BADDEST BUGOUT DUO — Springfield’s SOCOM CQB .308 And Gemtech-Suppressed XD(M) .45 Many Be The Final Say-So On Protective Fire Power For Beleaguered Civilians.

October Cover Story: FIRST-GENERATION AMERICAN — Ruger’s New Auto-A Modular, Striker-Fired Powerhouse In .45 ACP — Could Be A Game-Changer.

November Cover Story: MOMMA AND THE POPPER — Kimber’s Amethyst Ultra II .45 ACP And .380 Micro Carry Are All Beauty And Only Beasts At Heart.

December Cover Story: SAVAGE ARMS ALL-METAL MAGIC THE STEALTH — This .308 Model 10 BA Is Light, Strong And Accurate.