GUNS Magazine April 2001 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: BERETTA’S FABULOUS .40S –The Model 9000 Is The Latest In A Long Line Of Respectable Italian Mid-Caliber Pistols.

SURPRISINGLY ACCURATE SNUBBIES: — Don’t Disparage The Little Five-Shot Revolver — They’re More Capable Then You Think!

THE WORLD’S EASIEST HUNTING RIFLE — Remington’s New Model 710 Is Ready-To-Go, Right Out Of The Box.

NECK SIZING FOR MAXIMUM CASE LIFE — To Get The Most Out Of Your Brass, Don’t Overwork It When It Comes Time To Reload.

BENCHREST SHOOTING 2001 — Shooters And Hunters Can Learn Some Great Accuracy Tricks From This Demanding Sport.

BARREL TEMPERATURE & ACCURACY — Use This Data To Make Barrel Thermodynamics Work In Your Favor.

ARMALITE AR-10 — This Innovative Battle Rifle Led The Way Into The Modern Age Of Small Arms.

WESSON & HARRINGTON RIFLES FROM H&R 1871 — Classic Single-Shot Rifles With Performance And Style That Is Well Beyond Their Humble Price Tags.

GUNS AT AUCTION: THE .700 H&H DOUBLE — To Help Raise $1 Million For Charity, One Philanthropist Put This Fine Rifle On The Block.

WORKHORSE SHOTGUNS — Three Seasoned Guide Give Advice On Which Smoothbores Can Withstand The Rigors Of Hotbarrel Hunting.

HANDGUNS — Pry My Snub-Nose Out Of My Cold Dead Hand.

RIFLEMAN — The World’s Easiest Hunting Rifle.

HANDLOADER — Neck Sizing For Maximum Case Life.

SHOTGUNNER — The Secret Of The Perfect Crimp.

QUARTERMASTER — Ahrends Revolver Grips.

QUARTERMASTER — Leupold Mark 4 Scope.

QUARTERMASTER — Blackhawk Mag Harness.

QUARTERMASTER — Blade-Tech Concealex.

GUNS INSIDER — Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Holster.


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