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Part of the mystique of the Old West is the incredible tales, sometimes embellished, but often entirely true.

For example, if you were a ne’er do well in late 19th century Montana, would you think twice about tormenting a town with the markings “3-7-77” on the doors? You should. Better yet, turn around and skedaddle before a shockingly efficient secret society of vigilantes picks up your trail.

There’s plenty to learn about the guns and other weapons. You might be surprised at how long various Indian tribes favored the seemingly out-of-date bow and arrow — even after the advent of firearms. And with good reason. While bullets make nice clean holes (relatively speaking), flint arrow tips tend to make a royal mess of things not only going in but also coming out.

Inside are some stories for the modern-day cowboys and cowgirls, too. Want to learn the joys of smoke-and-awe-filled black powder shooting? How about tips to reload classic “Western” calibers like .44-40 and .45 Colt? That’s covered also. And much, much more.

You will enjoy this edition of Old West: History, Guns & Gear. Sit back, read a story or three, and appreciate the comfy life we all enjoy now.

Here’s what’s inside:

SLICK ACTIONS — Real Pistol-Caliber Carbines Have Leavers!

BEARS, TEDDY AND FEROCIOUS… — The Curious Tale Of Holt Collier.

BEST OF THE WEST? — The Meticulous And Often Custom-Ordered Bullard Repeater.

OLD SLABSIDES IN THE WEST — The 1911 As A Peacemaker.

BATTLE FOR SUPREMACY — The .44XL And The .410 Small-Bore Shotshells.

DEMYSTIFYING COLT SAA GENERATIONS — Calibers, Options, Similarities & Differences.

SMOKE, NOISE AND BIG TIME CONCUSSIONS — Loading Black Powder Revolver Cartridges.

JOHN “LIVER-EATING” JOHNSON — The Crow-Killing Cannibal.

HAMMER TIME — The Slip Gun: Fast And Dangerous.

PRICELESS! — Colt’s Lost Single Action Armys.

A COUNTY HANGING — Will Mathis: Crime, Punishment And A Tidy Local Horror.

FAVORITES: — Replica Single Action Sixguns.

LOW TECH & FEARSOME — Geronimo’s Bow: A Formidable Weapon.

POWER THAT SIXGUN — Reloading The .44-40.


FRONTIER JUSTICE — The Secret Vigilantes Of Montana.

RUSTY, PITTED AND PRICELESS — Resurrecting A Relic Colt Single Action Army.

HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL — Edward “Jack” Bryant: Lifetime Texas Lawman.

SHOCK, AWE AND LOTS OF SMOKE — And Introduction To Black Powder Shootin

HOME-DEFENSE HEARTH — The Saga Of The Classic American Fireplace Gun.

“CONCEALED CARRY?” — Old West Pocket Revolvers.

TWO FOR ONE — Taylor 1858 “The Ace” Black Powder Conversion.

COMPLICATED OR FUTURISTIC? — Starr Model 1858: Double Action From Another Planet?

A SUBTLE BUT SIGNIFICANT ROLE — Remington’s Old West Sixguns.

MINI BIG BORE? — The Truly Short .45 Colt.

HIT OR MISS — Shotshells For Pistols And Rifles.

Rope this in a hurry before it gets away!

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