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This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: SIG P-210 –A Classic Pistol That Just May Be One Of The Best Guns Ever Made.

HANDLOADING THE .45 AUTO RIM: — The Classic Handload Combines The Best Of Auto And Revolver Cartridges.

TOP 30 .45 COLT LOADS — This Good Old “Cowboy Cartridge” Proves To Be One Of The Most Versatile Loads Around.

BULLET PERFORMANCE — Real-World Ballistic Data Is The Only Way To Be Sure You Have The Right Bullet For Your Hunt.

CLEMENTS CUSTOM GUNS — From Target Revolvers To Leverguns For Big Game, This Gunsmith Can Meet Your Needs.

SIG P-210 — A Classic Pistol That Just May Be One Of The Guns Ever Made.

NAVY ARMS MODEL 1873 & 1892 — These Classic Leverguns Are Back In The Saddle Again With Today’s Cowboy Shooters.

HENRY FRONTIER RIMFIRES — Check Out Henry’s .22 Leverguns Pump Rifls And Handy Survival Guns.

THE SCHOFIELD MODEL OF 2000 — The Second Most Recognizable Revolver Of The Frontier Is Back — From S&W.

THE WALTHER PPK/S BB PISTOL — With A 15-Round Magazine And A Working Slide, This Look-Alike Airgun Is An Enjoyable Plinker.

THE DALY DDA 10-40 — This Off-The-Beaten-Path Pistol Is One Of The Best Bargains Available In A Defensive Handgun.

GUN CONTROL: MOVING TO NEW GROUND — A Political Insider’s View Of The New Strategy To Erode The Second Amendmen.

HANDGUNS — The First Gun Question — We’re All Experts.

HANDLOADER — A Handloader Learns To Love The .45 Auto Rim.

RIFLEMAN — A Shooter’s Most Valuable Resource.

SHOTGUNNER — Make The Gun Fit You.

QUARTERMASTER — Kidd Ruger Triggers.

QUARTERMASTER — Rescomp Holster.

QUARTERMASTER — Buffer Technologies Jet Loaders.

QUARTERMASTER — Jane’s Military Books.

GUNS INSIDER — Right ON Target.


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