Surplus Vintage & Classic 2019 Firearms Special Edition PDF




There are plenty of surprises waiting for you in the 2019 Surplus special edition from GUNS Magazine.
Here’s what’s inside the GIANT 146 page issue:

HEAVY METALHow These Tank-Busting Tools Can Be Legally Added To Your Collection!


THE FRENCH BERTHIER World War 1’s Unsung Hear Of The Trenches.

ROLLER-LOCKED RADICAL The Czech Vs. 52 Pistol Was A True Revolutionary Of The Cold War Era.

COMBAT SMOOTHBORE SUPREME John Moses Browning’s Revolutionary 1897 Trench Gun.


AMP UP THE AWESOMENon-NFA Shoulder-Stocked Pistols, And How You Can Own Them!.

WORLD WAR I HANDGUNS The U.S. Colt & S&W Model 1917.

MASTERS OF MILSURP Brownells’Long And Storied History With Military-Surplus

THE ULTIMATE TRENCH WARRIOR The Many Guises Of America’s M1903 Springfield Rifle During WWI.

THE RPB MIO SAP AND “FILING DOWN THE SEAR” A Different “Gun From A Different Time”.

MORO The Weapons And Armor Of The Legendary Warriors Of The Philippines.

ITALY’S FORGOTTEN SMG The Revolutionary TZ-45 Was The Precursor Of Things To Come.

SILLY & SUBLIMEBeautiful But Flawed: French And German Handguns Of The 1870s.

AIRBORNE ARISAKA Imperial Japan’s Type 2 Paratrooper Rifle.

TOOL-STEEL TOUGH Century’s U.S.-Made VSKA AKM Defeats Our Dastardly Torture Test.

THE ICONIC M1 HELMET Protecting Troops From World War 2 To Southeast Asia And Beyond!

AN AUSSIE CONQUERS THE HOLY LANDHow The SMIL Won Un Unexpected Victory In World War 1.

BACK TO THE FUTURE? A Home-Built AR, With The Help Of Brownells, Takes The Best Of The M16A1 And Makes It Even Better.

INNER WORKINGS TRAINING AIDS “Cutaways” Military Pistols.

BACK TO THE BEGINNINGREMINGTON-SPRINGFIELDS If You’re Looking For An Eminently Shootable 1903 Or 1903-A3, Get One Made By The Big Green.

HOLT MEETS THE GARANDEarly Memories Of An Iconic American Arm.

THE UMAREX LEGENDS C69An Affordable, Shootable BB Copy Of The Mauser Broomhandle.

CRUDE, UGLY, DEADLYThe Mosin-Nagant M91/30 PU Sniper Rifle.

THE ELEGANT SHARPS-BORCHARDTThe Swan Song Of The Sharps Rifle Co. Was Perhaps The Best Single-shot Rifle Of The Era.

STRAIGHT-PULL 7.5Although Never Battle-Tested, Switzerland’s K31 Is A Martial Masterpiece.

WAS FUR EIN DEAL!KCI Offers German-Quality MP5 Mags At Half The Price.

The Surplus 2019 special edition includes everything listed above PLUS, New Product Spotlight And GUNS Surplus 2019 Resource Guide.

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