American Handgunner DIY GUNS 2021 Special Edition



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Why not invest some time and energy developing basic gunsmithing skills? Rather than buy another polymer gun, perhaps consider customizing and upgrading what you already have.

There’s something supremely satisfying about shooting a firearm with all the right bells, whistles, fit and finish. A slick, buttery smooth action is icing on the cake. To steal a car analogy, it’s like letting the door fall closed on a six-figure luxury car. That subtle “click” representing an absolutely perfect fit and finish is just eminently satisfying. If you achieve this level of quality by your own hand, all the better. You’ll have something to be proud of forever.

Upgrading, restoring, fixing and even building your own firearms will cost time and money, but I have to tell you, spending some time getting your hands dirty is a great way to leave the chaos of everyday life behind.

Wherever you are on the skills development scale, and whatever the state of your tools inventory, we’ve got project ideas and how-to instructions for you.

Here’s a sample of what’s inside American Handgunner’s 2021 DIY Guns special Edition:

Barrel Fits Basics — What’s Done Where, And How To Look For It.

New Life For A Classic Battle Rifle — How To Rebarrel An M1 Carbine.

Wooden Hardware — A DIY Browning Automatic Rifle.

Build Your Own AR-10 Rifle — 80 Percent Arms Receiver Blank And Jig Kit.

Buy Or Build? — Transforming A Davide Pedersoli Brown Bess Firelock Kit.

What No Dials? — How To Zero Iron-Sighted Rifles.

Archibald Periwinkle LTD — Custom Sporting Arms.

Who Wants An Off-The-Shelf Rifle? — Build Your Own Instead!

Hard Times Hollowpoints — Sherline Hollowpoints.

Bring A Beater Back From The Brink

When The Sights Aren’t Right… Make Your Own!

Point Of Impact Back On Track Silver Solder Solutions For A Busted Bargain Zouave.

Saving A Sight — Precision Welding Saves An S&W Registered Model.

On Your Guard — Convert And S&W Into A Half-Fitz Carry Gun.

Old Hombre, New Hombre — An Easy Birchwood Casey Color Case-Hardening Project.

Armor-Plated Range Tools — How To Build An Armored Chronograph Stand.

1911 Takedown Magic — Detail Stripping Without Tools?

The Ultimate DIY Home Improvement Project — The 80 Percent Arms GST-9

Perforated Chamber Resurrection — Make A Blanks-Only Reenactor No. 1 MK III Enfield.

Snake Medicine — How To Make .45 Colt Shotshell.

A Custom Machinist’s Vise Handle — Modifying Tools To Fit Your Needs!

No Bullet Shortage Here… — Beginning Bullet Casting.

Got Grips? — Fitting Triple-K Replica Hard Rubber Grips To Your Italian SAA.

Turnbull’s Magnificent Magic! — Turning A Model 94 Into A Family Heirloom.

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