American Handgunner July/August 2002 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: THE LIEBENBERG LEGACY — Not Just Another Pretty Face, Liebenberg’s Work Gives A New Meaning To “Perfect.”

BETTER SHOOTING — The Three “No Evils” And Other Timely Tips To Hang Your Hat On.

TESTING BIG BORE HANDGUNS — .454 Casull Vs. .500 Nitro Express — And The Winning Is…?

THE AYOOB FILES — Furtive Movement Shooting: The Robert Bauthues Case.

THE SIXGUNNER — Leather And Ivory As Fine — Taffin Tells How To Collect On A Budget.

HAIL OF LEAD — Ahead Of Its Time? Ten-Shot Classic: LeMat Revolver.

AO SIGHT SYSTEMS: BIG DOTS — Bold And Beautiful, AO’s Big Dots Are 7/24-Capable.

A HAWKISH HANKERING — Tough And Functional, These Custom Blades Beg To Be Put To Work.

THE NEW SIXGUNS OF DAN WESSON ARMS — Superbly Accurate, These Newest Renditions Show Their Heritage Proudly.

TAFFIN TESTS — A Deft Touch With A Chamber Reamer Can Turn A Lemon Into A Tack-Driver.

STEEL CHALLENGE 2001 — Koeing Makes It Three. Who Will Make It Four?

HANDGUN HUNTING — Fire And Iceland 2

TACTICAL ADVANTAGE — Much Ado About Nothing.

COP TALK — Let The Other Guy Make The Mistakes.

HANDLOADING — Pullin’ The Trigger On Primers.

HANDGUN LEATHER — Comfy, Convenient And Careless.

THE 10-RING — You’ve Gotta Have Somebody To Rob.


PISTOLSMITHING — Stringing Together A Win.

STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS — Discretion Is Still The Better Part Of Valor.


GUNNYSACK — Brownells Scerwdrivers.

GUNNYSACK — Merit Optical Attachment.

GUNNYSACK — Firepowder FP-10.

GUNNYSACK — Caspian Target Grips.

THE INSIDER — 17 Years Of Pure Fun.


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