American Handgunner Sept/Oct 2003 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: BEST GUN I NEVER OWNED — This Winsome 1911 From Ross Carter Comes With — A Surprise!

WALTHER PPKS: AMERICAN-STYLE — Teutonic Technology Collides With American Know-How.

TO SCOPE OR NOT TO SCOPE — Can’t See That Front Sight? Scope-Up And Keep Shooting!

SILENT FORCE — Custom And Collaboration Tacticals From Pat Crawford.

TRAVELING COMPANION — Tussey Custom’s Carry-Comp .45 Makes A Subtle Statement.

GUIDE RODSA — Necessary — Or Much Ado About Nothing?

SAVAGE STRIKER — Saturn V Rocket Powder With This .300 WSM Thumper.

LIGHT ‘EM UP — Black Powder Flame-Out In A Taurus .45 Colt!

WINNING EDGE — Fiber Optic Fun.

COP TALK — CCW Sell-Out.

HANDGUN HUNTING — Forget The Kitchen Sink.

TAFFIN TESTS — A Real Saturday Night Special.

HANDGUN LEAHTER — That ’70s Show.

BETTER SHOOTING — Shooting Tips.

REALITY CHECK — Cut, Burned And Shot?

THE SIXGUNNER — The Sixguns Of Elmer Keith.

TACTICAL ADVANTAGE — Cheap Shall Not Mean Good.

THE 10-RING — They’re Trying Really Hard To Look Stern.

HANDLOADING — Squeezing Makes It Bigger.

THE AYOOB FILES — Wrong Weapon: The Der/Kifer Incident.

TAFFIN TESTS — DoubleTap Ammunition.

GUNNYSACK — Remooner.

GUNNYSACK — 1911 Ball Bearing Trigger.

GUNNYSACK — Tool Logic Knife/Light.

GUNNYSACK — Meacham Custom Grips.

THE INSIDER — On Responsiblity.


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