American Handgunner Sept/Oct 2004 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: THE PROFESSIONAL’S PISTOL — Rohrbaugh: 9mm Pocket Power For Real.

CASPIAN ARMS REPRODUCTIONS — Classic Military Leather Done Right.

SIGARMS GSR — Ground-Breaking Quality In A Factory 1911.

RIP-OFF! — Knife Clones And Copies Can Get You Killed!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSCOE! — Gussie-Up Your Gat With There Goodies.

DOUBLE TROUBLE — Darryl Ralph And Ryan Wilson Team-Up For Tacticals.

MAKE MINE A COMMANDER — Size Matters, And 3/4″ Keeps Commanders Cool.

CARTRIDGE OF THE CENTURY? — That Very Special .44 Special.

WINNING EDGE — Para Power Extractor Punch.

TAFFIN TESTS — Taming The Brutal Beast.

HANDLOADING — Loading The .50 GI.

COP TALK — The Legacy Of Lt. Frank McGee.

HANDGUN LEATHER — Ocular Options.

REALITY CHECK — Elements Of Concealed Carry.

PISTOLSMITHING — The Gunsmith Dream.

THE SIXGUNNER — And Now For Something Completely Different.

GUNCRANK DIARIES — It’s Time For Some Gun-Rich Zones.


BETTER SHOOTING — Ernie Langdon’s Fitness Facts.

THE AYOOB FILES — One Gun, No Hands: The Marcus Young Incident.

TAFFIN TESTS — DoubleTap Ammunition.

CHECK IT OUT — CRKT Supports Our Troops.

GUN RIGHTS — Bowling For Columbine — Part II.

GUNNYSACK — CCI Blazer Brass Ammo.

GUNNYSACK — Leupold Wind River Compact Binoculars.

GUNNYSACK — Shooters Choice Polymer Safe Degreaser.

GUNNYSACK — A-Merc Ammo.

THE INSIDER — Ronald Wilson Reagan — American.


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