GUNS Magazine March 2001


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: THE LR-300 TACTICAL RIFLE — Take A Look At This Versatile, Compact Defensive Carbine From ZM Weapons.

THE “OTHER” 1911S: — The Government Model Isn’t Necessarily Synonymous With .45 ACP.

ACCURACY POTENTIAL — Handloads And Match Ammo Can Tell You If Your Rifle Is An Undiscovered Treasure.

CONCEALED CARRY CLOTHING — You Need More Than A Holster To Create An Effective CCW Ensemble.

THE WILCOX POWER GRIP — An Incredible Little Handle That Offers A Wide Array Of Tactical Visual Options.

CAST BULLETS FOR SEMI-AUTOS — Unconventional Handloading Techniques Turn Tactical Pistols Into Pleasant Plinkers.

SELF-DEFENSE AMMO — High-Tech Designs Give Today’s Shooters A Lot Of Options In Handgun Loads.

STEYR TACTICAL RIFLE — The Claim Of “Best Steyr Ever” Will Take A Lot To Live Up To, But This .308 May Be Up To The Challenge.

WORLD SNIPER CHAMPIONSHIP — A Unique And Demanding Event That Challenges The Skills Of The Modern Tactical Rifleman.

THE PERFORMANCE FACTOR — Choose Your Defensive Ammo Based On More Than Just Marketing Hype.

THE CUSTOM PISTOLS OF GARY REEDER — There Classic Handguns Are Designed And Crafted With Serious Field Use In Mind.

RIFLEMAN — Check Your Smoke Alarm & Rotate Your Rifles.

HANDLOADER — Grain And Grain!

SHOTGUNNER — Steel Gets Cheap.


QUARTERMASTER — Briley Shotgun Porting.


QUARTERMASTER — Scattergun Technologies Side-Saddle Mount.

GUNS INSIDER — Marlin And H&R 1871 Merge.


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