GUNS Magazine January 2001 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: REMINGTON SENDERO .338 ULTRA MAG — This Remarkable Hunting Rifle Is Now Chambered In Big Green’s New Cartridge.

CONCEALED CARRY HOLSTERS: — Your Leather Gear Should Match The Task At Hand, Not Your Fashion Sense.

HANDLOADING THE .444 MARLIN — With The Right Data, This Is One Of The Most Versatile Levergun Rounds Available.

RUGER PC4 CRUISER CARBINE — This Handy Tactical Carbine Get A Turbocharge In A New .40 S&W Chambering.

THE GUNS OF MILTECH — Restoring Vintage Military Rifles To As-Issued Condition Is This Company’s Speciality.

FORTRESS AMERICA — There’s More To Home Defense And Security Than Just Firearms.

TACTICAL KNIVES — These Multi-Purpose Blades Give New Meaning To The Term “Survival Tool”.

MODERN SHOTGUN TRIO — A New Breed Of Sporting From Beretta Charles Daly And Remington.

A SHOOTER’S LAST-MINUTE GUIDE — A Great Host Of Stocking-Stuffs For Gun Owners Who Are On Santa’s Good List.

KIMBER’S NEW .22 RIFLES — Return To A Time When This Company Was Known For World-Class Bolt-Action Rifles.

HECKLER & KOCH USC .45 — This Carbine Combines German Design With The Proven Power Of The Good Ol’ American .45 ACP.

HANDGUNS — I Sing The Leather Eclectic.

RIFLEMAN — Fast Flyin’ Coyote Wildcats.

HANDLOADER — Non-Toxic Handloads To Save The World.

SHOTGUNNER — The Year Of The Slugs.

QUARTERMASTER — Bowen Ruger Sight.

QUARTERMASTER — Brownells Scope Ring Lapper.

QUARTERMASTER — Shilen Model 770 Trigger.

QUARTERMASTER — Sinclair AR-15 Covers.

GUNS INSIDER — Guns That Make You Go “WOW!”.

ODD ANGRY SHOT — Home, Home On The Range — Sorta.

CAMPFIRE TALES — The Croft Connection.


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