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This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: THE J-FRAME GOES SCANDIUM –One Of The Rarest Elements Lends Its Muscle To S&W Classic Self-Defense .357.

CONDITIONS OF READINESS: — From “Cocked And Locked” To Safe Storage, A Guide To Handgun Maintenance.

STATE OF THE SMART GUN — Is A User-Dedicated Handgun The Holy Grail Of Safety, Or An Accident Waiting To Happen?

METHODS OF CARRY — Choosing The Right Means Of Conveyance For Your Gun Required Serious Consideration.

GUN LOCKS & SECURITY DEVICES — Political Rhetoric Aside, There Is More To A Gun Lock Than Just Turning A Key.

THE WILDCAT .45 SPECIAL — Created To Surpass The .44 This Cartridge Is Still A Favorite Among Handloaders.

THE ULTRA MAG FAMILY — Remington Expands Its Line Of High-Performance Cartridges With A 7mm And A .375.

STEYR .376 PROHUNTER — This High-Performance Cartridge Is Chambered In One Of The Finest Hunting Rifles On The Market.

BALLISTIC REALITIES — An Empirical Test Of .223 Carbine Reveals Surprising Evidence About Barrel Length And Bullet Performance.

DEFENSIVE REVOLVERS — In An Age Of High-Tech Pistols, The Sixgun Holds Its Own A A Weapon For Home Defense And Personal Protection.

ARGENTINA’S BALLESTER-MOLINA PISTOL — Unique Design Elements Make This Gun A Real Collector’s Piece — And A Very Enjoyable Shooter.

HANDGUNS — The Big Countdown.

SHOTGUNNER — What Do You Do With 20 Extra Pellets?

RIFLEMAN — Stock Options.


QUARTERMASTER — The Sinclair Rest.

QUARTERMASTER — Emerson Mach 1.

QUARTERMASTER — Wilson Adjuster Holster.

QUARTERMASTER — Kestrel Pocket Thermo Wind Meter.

GUNS INSIDER — Add These To Your Reading List.


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