Surplus Military & Classic Firearms 2023 Special Edition PDF




A History Of Guns And Guns Of War 
Plus The Incredible Stories Behind Each One

Many people tend to idolize people who can run like a gazelle, smack horsehide with wooden sticks with predictable regularity or catch an inflated pigskin one-handed while under threat of bodily annihilation. But how many of those modern-day heroes could earn the Panzerknacker Mark? 

Learn more about these men of iron, their tactics and their weapons in “The Panzerknackers: Men Against Tanks” in this issue. 
Ever wondered who first fired a gun from an airplane? Discover who and when inside. 

From black-powder trapdoor carbines to Europe’s 1911 to the weapons of The Man from U.N.C.L.E., this giant issue has the guns, and their stories, covered. 

Get your copy, then sit back and enjoy this special edition of Surplus Military & Classic Firearms.

The M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle — The Manliest Weapon for the Manliest Generation 

Fire & Brimstone — .50-70 & .45-70 Trapdoor Black Powder Handloads 

Full-Auto Lightweight Legacy — M2 .30 Carbine 

The Panzerknackers: Men Against Tanks — Up Close and Personal Armor Destruction 

Russia’s 1911 — Exploring the Tokarev 

Bang For The Buck — Zastava’s M70 Baby Tokarev 

The Seminal Modern Bolt Action And Its Bloody Warning — M93 Spanish Mauser 

Groovy Gun, Baby! — The Man from U.N.C.L.E. P38 

Lead For Surplus Legends — Cast Bullets For Military Bolt-Action Rifles 

Deadly Woodpecker — The Japanese Heavy Machine Gun Type 92 

The Gun That Saved An Empire — The Sten Submachine Gun 

A Bolt-Action Workhorse — The U.S. Models 1903A3 & 1903A4 

Airborne Armament — Early U.S. Aircraft Weapons 

First And Last And Always Nine — Beretta’s 951 9mm 

Tiny, Adorable, Deadly — The Czech Vz. 61 Skorpion 

Mounted Firepower — Horse-Soldier Handguns 

Want To Accessorize Your WWII Guns? — Look at the Front! 

Stamped Steel Showdown — The MP40 versus the M3A1 Grease Gun 

Slap Leather — Holsters for the M1911 Pistol 

Experience World War I — The Great War Association Reenactments 

Surplus Military & Classic Firearms 2022 Special Edition includes everything listed above

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