American Handgunner July/August 2004 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

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COVER STORY: THE .72 MAGNUM — EAA’s Bounty Hunter Morphs Into A Monster Handgun!

LILLIPUTIAN-SYTLE ELEGANCE — Tiny And Tough, This Handsome Due Spells Pocket Performance.

CAN YOU SAY RECOIL? — S&W’s Hi-Tech Model 329 .44 Magnum — A Kick On Both Ends!

PASSING GAS — Not Just For Kids Anymore — ‘Air’ Pistols Are Adult-Sized Fun.

FUTURE FORCE — Mike Snody’s Knives Carve A Niche Of Their Own.

SLICK FACTORY SNODY’S — Snoky Knives Without The Custom Price.

MEU (SOC) 1911 .45 — The Pistol That ‘Dosen’t Exist’ — A Marine Corps 1911.

BIG BAD .50 — Guncrafter Industries’ .50 GI — The Old .45 ‘Biggie-Sized.’

.475 BRUIN MEDICINE — A Full-House Custom Ruger With Bear On The Brain!

HOW TO DO IT — Dick Tells You The ABCs Of Arranging Your Own Bear Hunt.

HOW FAST IS FAST? — Gentleman Jerry Miculek Goes After A World Record!


WINNING EDGE — Langdon’s SIG Magic.

HANDLOADING — “Dude-Amatics’ And Cowboy Foolishness.


THE AYOOB FILES — New Year’s Eve Fireworks: The Ann Leybourne Incident.

TACTICAL ADVANTAGE — Double Action Angst.

TAFFIN TESTS — A “Supger-Super” And A “Fine .45”.

HANDGUN LEATHER — Barbecues & Picatinney Rails.

COP TALK — About The Election.


BETTER SHOOTING — Mike Voigt On The Speedload.


THE SIXGUNNER — The First K-Frame.

GUN RIGHTS — Bowling For Columbine Part 1.

CHECK IT OUT — Tactical Box Openers? Hardly!

GUNNY SACK — Ed Brown Mainspring Housings.

GUNNY SACK — Zeiss Scopz Shooting Glasses.

GUNNY SACK — Spyderco D’Allara Rescue Knife.

GUNNY SACK — Kimber Conversion Unit.

THE INSIDER — Wildey’s Baaaack!


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