American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2007 PDF


This issue available for download now as a PDF file – only $2!



This issue available for download now as a PDF file — only $2!

Add this issue to the library of your favorite mobile device to read on the go. No Internet connection required to view this portable version of American Handgunner.

COVER STORY: SIG P220 SAO — .45 Caliber SIG-Excellence In A Single Action Auto!

TOO-TOUGH TAURUS — Affordable 1911 With Custom Features!

BRITISH BIG BORES — The Original “Big Bertha” Bad Boy!

PRACTICAL SHOOTING COMPETITION IS FUN — But Are There Any Benefits In The Real World?.

MUZZLE FLASH! — A Scientist Dissects It, And Shows How To Measure It.

FUN FOURSOME! — Crosman’s Gas-Guns Ignite The Fun-Factor!

BLACK MAGIC — Shhh… Duke Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag About Loading Black Powder.

FIRST SHOTS HITS THE MARK — Genuine Smiles And Safety: NSSF Takes You Shooting!



HANDGUN HUNTING — In The Beginning.


GUNCRANK DIARIES — Bullets From BananaLand.

HANDLOADING — Cast Bullets In The .40 S&W?

REALITY CHECK — Long Range Work.

WINNING EDGE — Influences.

THE AYOOB FILES — Dueling .40s: The J.R. Parrow Incident.

BETTER SHOOTING — Tilley’s Tips.

SHOOTING IRON — My Gun Culture.

COP TALK — When Armed Citizens Back Up Cops.

THE SIXGUNNER — The Sixguns Of Andy Horvath.

GUN RIGHTS — Violence And Nonviolence Part 7

GUNNYSACK — Guardian Angel.

GUNNYSACK — Gun Butter.

GUNNYSACK — SureFire Echo.

GUNNYSACK — Ring’s Simulators.

THE INSIDER — Shooting Industry Maters.


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