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Special Edition: Vintage and Classic Firearms

Here’s a look inside this giant 180 page edition and why it should be your “go-to resource” for upgrading your gun collection.

GS16_F42If Looks Could Kill … — Re-Creating Germany’s WWII Fallschirmjäger 42.
The Elegant Sharps Borchardt — The Swan Song Of The Sharps Rifle Co. Was Perhaps The Best Single-Shot Rifle Of Its Era.
The Long Road Of War Pt. II — Imperial Germany’s Gew 88 Saw Much Modification And Widespread Use.
World War II M1 Garands — Built And Rebuilt: The M1’s Long Career As Our Nation’s Main Battle Rifle.
Steel From The Sky — Paratrooper Knives: One-Handed Opening For When The “Opening Shock” Wears Off.GS16_paraknf
Breaking The Seal — A Day At The Range With An Iron Curtain Classic — The SKs.
Persnickety Pair — World War II Japanese Sniper Rifles: A Frustrating Undertaking!
The Guns Of August 1914 — Seven Main Rifles Clashed 100 Years Ago On European Battlefields As The “War To End All Wars” Began.
GS16_airbrnArmed And Airborne — Firepower From The Sky: Guns Of World War II Paratroopers.
Guns Of The Plains Indians — Modern Archaeology Tells Us How They Were Armed.
Roll Call! — Rifle Calibers Of World War II: A Combatant-By-Combatant Survey.
The “Parallel Ruler” Pistol — Before The 1911, John Browning Took A Different Path.
Parlez-Vous Remington? — How A Humble American Single-Shot Helped Save France.GS16_snglsht
German Sniper Systems — The German Army’s Bewildering Array Of Scopes And Mounting Systems During WWII.
The Unknown Sniper — Grandfather To The Scout Program: Chief Warrant Officer Arthur Terry’s Untold Story.
Lob ’Em If You Got ’Em — Bumping The Cool Factor — M203 Grenade Launcher.
Thumbin’ His Way Home — Long Separated From His Colt Single Actions — Duke Returns To His First Love.
Emergency Stopgap — Italy’s Vetterli M70/87/15.
GS16_AKAll-American AK — The Red Army Standard 47 From Century International Arms.
A “Commission” Got It Right? — Almost! The Imperial German Army’s Gew 88 Part 1.
Classy Vs. Crude — Tommy Gun, Grease Gun: Our Two Vintage WWII .45 SMGs Represented Two Approaches Toward Rapid-Fire Supremacy. Which One Would You Choose?
The Mitchell Ppsh 41/22 — A “Fun Gun” Version Of The Iconic Soviet Submachine Gun.
Buzz Gun — A Study Of Five WWII Submachineguns In 9mm, .45 ACP And 7.62×25.
Good Enough For Government Work — Army Accurized National Match .45’s: Winning Groups — And Premium Prices!
Whispers Of Mossad — CIA Imports A Mysterious Beretta Model 71.
Classic Finish — Turnbull Manufacturing Brings A Touch Of Beauty To The Modern Sporting Rifle And Recreates The Finish And Style Of The Original M1911.
GS16_treasureUntapped Militaria Treasures — Affordable History At Your Fingertips.
Henry Deringer’s Pocket Pistol — And The Cartridge Versions Born From His Concept.
Pickin’ A Pair — What Would Gun Buying Circa 1880 Be Like?
GS16_govissue“Government Issue” — Small Arms Of Many Nations Helped Write The History Of The Turbulent 20th Century.
It’s Off To Pour I Go! — Confessions Of A Bullet Mold Junkie.
Cast Away — No, You Don’t Have To Stick With Jacketed Bullets In Your Pet Semi-Auto Pistol. Really.
GS16_burstHistory By The Burst — Why Waltz When You Can Rock And Roll?
The Awesome Lemat — A Huge And Hard-Hitting Civil War Pistol.
The Original Perfect Pocket Auto – The Colt Models Of 1903 & 1908.
Battle Tested! Beretta’s Rack-Grade GI 92fs/M9 — The USA’s First Fight-Winning 9mm — Still Performing 30 Years Later.
Colt .45 Peacemaker — Still An Enduring, Legendary Revolver After 140 Years
The War Baby! Books — The Chronicle Of The Little M1 Carbine Is Brought To Life In Three Volumes.

The Surplus 2016 special edition includes everything listed above PLUS, Kit Up, New Product Spotlight and a Resource Guide!
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